In this 100-minute workshop-style class, we'll explore a little of the history of the joining stitches in Palestinian embroidery. You'll both learn the techniques and practice a few varieties of this stitch that you can add to your tatreez-repetoire. Because this is a workshop, class sizes are small to provide individual guidance during the practice portions of each technique. You'll also learn one of the braided stitches used in Palestinian embroidery that can be used decoratively along the sides of your manajel stitches (see example in photo-navy colored outline). You will have access to resources and the online recording after the class. 


Date & Time: Friday October 23rd @7pm EST/ 6pm CST/ 4pm PST

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To prepare for this class, please have the following materials ready as they are not provided:

  • 3 pieces of fabric of your choosing sized at least 4 x 6 inches; I'll be using a natural, undyed linen as seen in the photograph. Any fabric will do as long as it isn't a knit/stretchy fabric. You could also use fabric from an old garment to practice on - I regularly do this when I'm learning new techniques!
  • Size 8 (or 5) pearl cotton threads of your color choice (at least 2 colors)
  • You can press the edges of your fabric instead of completing a top-stitch hem if you don't have a sewing machine. Fold your fabric approximately 1/2" and press prior to class or see the instructions below for how I will prepare my fabric.


*In advance of this class, I will have prepared my fabric by completing a very basic top-stitched hem on the sides of my fabric where I intend to use the joining stitch (the same way that is still traditionally practiced in making a thobe). I will explain how I do this during the class and will also share a tutorial video ahead of time on how I did this as it takes only moments, but requires a sewing machine which is not necessary for the class or technique being taught. The tutorial video will also explain a second method for preparing your fabric by pressing the edges without a using a sewing machine. 

Friday October 23rd - Introduction to the Manajel (Joining) Stitches

  • Date & Time: Friday, October 23rd @7pm EST/ 6pm CST/ 4pm PST