This introductory, project-based Palestinian embroidery course offers you self-paced support and learning in the comfort and safety of your own home.  During this course, you'll learn about the history of this motif and the different ways it shows up across the regions of Historic Palestine. You'll learn a majority of the stitching strategies and finishes needed for the creation of the highest quality Palestinian pieces which leave you with the cleanest back as you begin your tatreez journey.


You will receive a tatreez care package with all the materials you need to create this beautiful piece and instructions to access your private, virtual course.  This class will leave you with a finished project, a tool that you can wear and use to talk about Palestine and Palestinian's rich embroidery practices, and the language necessary to confidently speak about this ancestral practice.


Included in your kit will be instructions for accessing your virtual class - access to a purchased class never expires. Price includes materials for the bracelet + practice materials, class access, taxes and shipping (within the continental U.S.). 

Self-Paced Intro. Level Virtual Tree of Life Bracelet Project (Kit + Class)

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